28 April, 2017

Secret valley

Jon Clarke tests the stunning La Cala Resort and its Bodega restaurant.
27 April, 2017

Culinary spotlight on Casares thanks to Spanish TV show

Casares is being touted as a culinary hub thanks to a Spanish TV programme
23 April, 2017

Eva Longoria shuts down speculation on Marbella chiringuito

Eva Longoria has denied claims that she has invested in a new Marbella chiringuito
21 April, 2017

Ooh la la La Cala

French whiz in the kitchen Joffrey Charles is the latest celebrity chef adding gastro glam to La Cala’s bubbling up culinary scene, writes Jon Clarke
20 April, 2017

The herbivore diaries: The OP’s Laurence Dollimore takes on the vegan challenge

The OP’s Laurence Dollimore survives on a vegan diet for a week ... almost
19 April, 2017

More Spaniards ditching fruit and vegetable after prices begin to rocket

Stores estimate that fruit and vegetable consumption has plummeted 40% since a cold snap at the start of the year drove up costs
18 April, 2017

The sweet taste of success

Making chocolate in a Mediterranean climate sounds like a sticky business. But for Peak District-born Jason Godwin, the gamble he took five years ago has certainly paid off.
14 April, 2017
Nobu Hotel Marbella

Nobu Restaurant Marbella to open doors this May

The Nobu Restaurant Marbella is due to open in the Golden Mile site this May, with Nobu Hotel Marbella expected to follow in the spring of 2018
13 April, 2017
Jose Andres

Trump settles lawsuit against Spanish chef who refused to open restaurant over President’s comments on Mexicans

Celebrity chef Jose Andres decided not to open a restaurant in Trump's new International Hotel in Washington DC due to the president's comments on Mexicans
11 April, 2017

Three Spanish restaurants feature in annual world’s top ten list

Girona’s El Cellar de Can Roca comes third on a list of the top ten restaurants in the world. Another two claimed sixth and ninth position respectively
10 April, 2017

Junta raiding Costa del Sol restaurants in crackdown on illegal fishing

Those restaurants on the Costa del Sol caught with illegal fish could face hefty fines and even prison sentences.
8 April, 2017

WATCH: Vandal attempts to smash windows of popular restaurant in Marbella’s upmarket Guadalmina urbanisation

A POPULAR Marbella restaurant has shared a video of a […]
7 April, 2017

Spain urged to improve treatment of farmed rabbits

The EU parliament is asking Spain to introduce legislation that will end ‘cruel’ practices inflicted on rabbits.
6 April, 2017

Comedy kings Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon’s The Trip to Spain airs tonight

After touring the foodie delights of Italy and northern England, the pair with a penchant for impressions have filmed across Spain to check out its gastronomical hotspots
4 April, 2017

Spanish scientists say Mediterranean diet improves sperm quality

It has been said that consuming fish, seafood, poultry, cereals, vegetables and fruits, low-fat dairy and skimmed milk can improve sperm quality.
3 April, 2017

‘Chocolate-coloured’ tomatoes coming to Spain

They may look unusual, but Manuel Ruiz, development and promotion coordinator at HM Clause, insists that when people taste them, they will like them
2 April, 2017

Green gold: Discovering the origins of avocados

The Costa Tropical gets 90% of its 'green gold' from Andalucia, and Spanish explorers were the first Europeans to try it
1 April, 2017

A shooting star in Cordoba: Andalucia’s first female Michelin star chef

"Getting the star was not just an honour, it was a turning point for me. Being the first Andalusian woman to get one gives me a huge sense of pride, a feeling that has stayed with me ever since."
31 March, 2017

Spanish 18-century recipe book wins respected cookery prize

The book was originally published in 1745 and Vicky Hayward translated it and added a new narrative
27 March, 2017

Let’s go outside

Soak up the spring vibes on a dining terrace near you, writes Dining Secrets of Andalucia editor Jon Clarke.
23 March, 2017

Malaga nutritional expert blames ‘deadly’ white bread and American influences for Spain’s obesity problem

Miguel Angel Martinez-Gonzalez, who is an honorary scholar at Harvard University, said young people have mixed the healthy Mediterranean diet with typically American foods.
17 March, 2017

New gourmet market in Marbella to open tomorrow following €500,000 investment

The new gourmet market hopes to energise one of the main areas of Marbella centre.
13 March, 2017

Huelva Food guide: Find out why the city is Spain’s 2017 Capital of Gastronomy

The Olive Press explores the city’s top dishes to discover a tantalising clash of ocean-to-table cuisine, complemented with produce harvested from the surrounding sierras.
9 March, 2017

Spain’s most expensive wine Vitral to hit shops in September

Drinks manufacturer Navarra’s new tipple, Vitral, will set you back €2,000. Only 688 bottles are being made using grapes from the 2013 vintage.
5 March, 2017

Marbella chef Bettina Campolucci-Bordi launches DIY seven day vegan challenge

A vegan chef has challenged food lovers to take on a free healthy eating detox.
26 February, 2017

Purple Patch

Having cooked for princes to rock stars, it is no surprise that Purple Pepper’s bespoke catering service is all about attention to detail.
24 February, 2017

British supermarkets to reduce Spanish imports following vegetable crisis

BRITISH supermarkets are set to shift focus to UK suppliers following Spain’s vegetable shortage.
22 February, 2017

Olive oil prices in Spain soar to record levels amid fears of global shortage

EUROPE is still reeling from the recent vegetable crisis. But experts have warned that things are about to get worse.
18 February, 2017

La Sala announces expansion plans under new CEO

LA Sala has announced ambitious expansion plans under its new CEO Federico Gonzalez.
17 February, 2017

Can you tell the difference between a satsuma and a clementine?

DO you know your tangelos from your tangerines? Could you recognise a ponkon? Aren’t they all just oranges anyway? Not quite.
15 February, 2017

Spain’s growers lash out at ‘totally false’ British coverage of vegetable crisis

VEGETABLE producers in Spain have criticised the British press over its […]
14 February, 2017

Cold snap caused ‘very significant’ damage to oranges

THE recent cold snap could cause ‘very significant’ damage to orange crops. Cristobal Aguado, President of the Valencian Association of Agriculture has warned that vegetables such as artichokes and beans may also be in danger.
13 February, 2017

Buzzfeed made a ‘how to make Spanish tortilla’ video and Spaniards are furious

DESPITE witnessing the fury after Jamie Oliver famously put chorizo in his paella, Buzzfeed decided to go rogue on another Spanish classic.
12 February, 2017

Artichokes away! Discover the joys of the underrated Spanish vegetable

Elsa Maishman digs up the origins of the undervalued veggie […]
12 February, 2017

Spain’s first naked restaurant lets diners eat off waiters’ bare skin

Spain's first nudist restaurant has opened in Tenerife. For €70, diners at Innato in San Isidro can enjoy an all-inclusive, organic buffet in the buff.
11 February, 2017

Andalucia named Spain’s leading food and drink exporter

In 2016 goods produced in the region of ANDALUCIA were responsible for generating almost one quarter (22.7%) of the country’s income in the sector.
11 February, 2017

Malaga avocado exports under threat from Donald Trump’s Mexico tax

Vegetable-growers in Malaga are worried about Trump's plan to 'build a wall and make the Mexican's pay for it.
10 February, 2017
Raquel Garcia

Budding Malaga chef cooks up a storm at Madrid Fusion

A budding chef from Malaga has triumphed at a major national cooking championship in Madrid.
9 February, 2017

Andalucia’s Angel Leon crowned European Chef of the Year

One of Andalucia’s culinary maestros has been crowned European Chef of the Year for his ‘enlightened’ approach to gastronomy
8 February, 2017

Huelva crowned Spain’s gastronomy capital

Huelva, which is home to Michelin-starred Acanthum restaurant, will hold the esteemed title for the whole of 2017.
7 February, 2017

Olive oil masterclass launched in Benalmadena

A new Malaga cooking school is rustling up its own recipe for promoting extra virgin olive oil.
6 February, 2017

Spanish pastry chef puts seaweed cakes on the menu

Seaweed is the shock secret ingredient in patisserie maestro Carles Mampel’s groundbreaking new repertoire of gourmet sweets, biscuits and cakes.
5 February, 2017

Spain bans blue wine for being the ‘wrong colour’

Traded as Gik, the blend of red and white wine comes from grapes produced in the La Rioja, Leon and Castilla-La Mancha regions. But authorities say it is the ‘wrong colour’, and therefore cannot be advertised as wine.
4 February, 2017

Bilbao cook named on Debrett’s 2017 most influential chefs list

Nieves Barragan Mohacho joins the likes of Mary Berry and Jamie Oliver in the peerage publishers’ annual roll call which recognises Britain’s 500 most influential people in their field, from finance and books to science and food
1 February, 2017

Milking it: The varied and contradictory uses of ‘leche’ in Spanish

Despite the fact that Spaniards have a much lower consumption-per-capita than the UK they are, idiomatically at least, obsessed with milk
24 January, 2017

China second biggest importer of Malaga produce

Food and drink exports to the country more than doubled in the first 10 months of 2016 compared to the previous year, according to data from the Spanish Ministry of Commerce and Industry
22 January, 2017
moscatel Botani

Velez Malaga wine Botani voted one of best in world

Jorge Ordonez’ dry moscatel Botani was chosen by globally-renowned wine critic Robert Parker as one of his top three 2016 wines selling at under $20 a bottle
20 January, 2017

Three Michelin Star chef Francis Paniego challenges foreign cooks to invent new Spanish fusion cuisine

Three Michelin Star-ranked Francis Paniego of Echaurren in Ezcaray (La Rioja) wants cooks abroad to put their own twist on traditional recipes to invent new fusion cuisines
19 January, 2017

Long-serving UK director of Food and Wines from Spain to step down from role

Hailed as the country’s ‘unofficial ambassador’, she worked for the Trade Commission of the Spanish Embassy in the UK for 30 years, the last 17 as director
16 January, 2017

English sparkling wine explodes onto international market

English sparkling wine has arrived in Spain after sales boomed to more than €115 million last year.
15 January, 2017
Olive Oil

Spain’s dominance in olive oil market surges as Italy lags

Spain accounted for 62% of bulk imports in the US last year
10 January, 2017

90% of Spanish children and teens eating more saturated fat than recommended

The shock findings were made by the Estudio Enalia, which concluded that the high levels were provoked by overconsumption of animal and processed products
5 January, 2017

Mediterranean diet prevents brain shrinking and cognitive decline, new study suggests

Scientists gathered dietary information for 401 70-year-olds
2 January, 2017

Sherry sales more than halve in ten years as Brits go off Spanish tipple

Jerez fortified wine sees popularity plummet
1 January, 2017

Sotogrande pupil competes in Spain’s Junior Masterchef

Oscar Jefferson, who studies at Sotogrande International School, earned a place in the latest series of the RTVE 1 show only two years after moving from England
28 December, 2016

Marvellous Restaurant Bodegas Mazon

Few places could be as quintessentially Spanish as Bodegas Mazon in the Sierra Nevada
24 December, 2016

Spanish farmers reap rewards as saffron returns to form

It is so revered that some companies are allegedly using foreign versions and labelling them as Spanish
22 December, 2016

Munching for moguls in the Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada has so much more than raclette and gluvine, writes Jon Clarke
21 December, 2016

Andalucia’s top traditional Christmas treats

Indulge yourself with some Navidad nibbles
20 December, 2016

Girona’s Roca brothers cook up a storm with documentary The Turkish Way

Joan, Josep, and Jordi Roca are best known as owners of El Celler de Can Roca
18 December, 2016

Malaga restaurant receives a top Guia Repsol award

Arte de Cozina in Antequera has been bestowed with the Spanish equivalent of the Michelin star
16 December, 2016

Madrid restaurant launches anti-Brexit menu

Popular with British tourists and expats, Metro Bistro’s owner Matias Smith said he hopes to show British people what they are leaving behind
14 December, 2016

Malaga’s top 200 paella and rice dishes named in new book

Proof is in the paella
12 December, 2016

A star trek to Andalucia’s stellar Michelin restaurants

Galactic gastronomy
10 December, 2016

Beer is challenging wine’s popularity in Spain

Consumption rates of beer among Spaniards has increased since 2011 while consumption in wine has decreased
8 December, 2016

Spanish chef Omar Allibhoy says his mum taught him how to cook

Allibhoy was a prodigy of world-renowned Adria at Spain’s elBulli
8 December, 2016

Dining Secrets of Andalucia’s not so secret supporters

Revamped Dining Secrets of Andalucia gets the backing of top chefs and restaurateurs from around the world and region
6 December, 2016

Spanish Michelin-starred chef draws inspiration from William Shakespeare

Mugaritz is ranked No. 7 on The World's 50 Best Restaurants list
6 December, 2016

Sevilla coffee ranked fifth cheapest in world

The coffee price index has ranked 75 major cities around the globe on the price of their average cup of coffee
4 December, 2016

Baaah-d news for goat owners in Malaga

In 2014, farmers were receiving 88 cents for every litre of goat milk, but this figure has now dropped significantly to 47 cents
3 December, 2016

A nutty yule recipe for Ms. Walewska cake – A.K.A. ‘The Tasty’

Planning the Christmas holiday menu may seem a tough nut to crack but you can always count on walnuts to add wow factor
1 December, 2016

Grate day for Spanish cheeses

Two Spanish cheeses narrowly missed out on top spot in the 29th annual World Cheese Championships in San Sebastian
28 November, 2016

Sabor a Malaga food and drink fair returns for five day celebration

The event will showcase the region’s best gastronomy delights
25 November, 2016

Roots shoots and leaves

When a new Michelin-style dining concept popped up in Estepona for one night only, Rob Horgan was at the head of the queue
24 November, 2016

Barcelona’s Lasarte restaurant gains new three-star rating in Michelin Guide

Spain now has the third highest number of three starred restaurants, sitting below only France and Germany and beating Italy
23 November, 2016

Dining Secrets of Andalucia wants YOUR reviews

As well as our own expert reviews, Dining Secrets is keen to hear what YOU think about YOUR local eateries
20 November, 2016

Spain’s top ten trending chefs on social media revealed

Basque chef Karlos Arguinano comes in at number one, with over 1.3 million followers on Facebook, Twitter, Google and Instagram
16 November, 2016

The ultimate recipe for perfect paella

Michelin-starred celebrity chef and restaurateur Steven Saunders of TV´s Ready Steady Cook and The Little Geranium restaurant in La Cala de Mijas investigates …The Real Paella!
14 November, 2016

Olive drought in Andalucia

Aloreña olives are expected see their harvests slashed by some 60%
12 November, 2016

Christmas recipes with a Spanish twist

If chestnuts roasting on an open fire do it for you, check out our yummy yuletide tips to add a double measure of Spanish seasonal cheer to your Christmas chow-down
11 November, 2016

Restaurants of the revolution: Andalucia’s eateries are transforming at full pace

The food revolution that made Spain famous around the world has well and truly come south
11 November, 2016

The Buenvino Cookbook: Recipes from a farmhouse in Spain

Cook Jeannie Chesterton has a unique take on Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine and has published a collection of her inspirational recipes in her debut book
10 November, 2016

Spain and Italy lock horns over ‘offensive’ restaurant name

The chain defended their use of the name, saying it is a nod to the film franchise The Godfather
3 November, 2016

TripAdvisor restaurant listings on trial

Our in-depth study of the website’s picks in Andalucia the site is riddled with mistakes and discrepancies
1 November, 2016
Michelin-starred Diego Gallegos

Michelin-starred El Sollo restaurant to install fish tanks

The tanks will allow the Brazilian chef to cultivate fish like carp, catfish and trout that can’t be bought at the market due to excessive river pollution
29 October, 2016

Creative cuisine in the Serrania de Ronda

It’s a true melting pot from authentic to creative cuisine in the Serrania de Ronda, writes Dining Secrets of Andalucia editor Jon Clarke
19 October, 2016
jamie oliver food revolution

Jamie Oliver’s Spanish paella

The Essex-man was hounded on Twitter after uploading a photo of the classic rice dish featuring chorizo (a cardinal sin in Spain).
13 October, 2016
Castillo de Monda

Grubs up

With a fabulous range of local produce, it is no surprise you can eat well in the Guadalhorce Valley.
24 February, 2014

Spain named wine capital of the world

Spain's wine output increased by a whopping 41% in 2013, earning the country the title of world’s leading producer
22 February, 2014

Robots get a taste for beer thanks to Spanish inventors

SPANISH researchers have created an electronic ‘tongue’ capable of distinguishing […]
22 February, 2014

Leading restaurant introduces smell-able menu

DINERS at a Basque restaurant will be able to smell […]
17 February, 2014

Ferran Adria to open elBulli1846

Ferran Adria, the founder of elBulli, which shut its doors in November 2010, is to open elBulli1846 on the same site, Cala Montjoi di Roses in Barcelona
17 February, 2014

Emperador scoops up Spanish brandy firm

Emperador, the Philippines’ largest liquor-maker, has increased its investments in Spain by acquiring half of brandy producer Bodega Las Copas for 60 million euros
13 February, 2014

Jamon iberico to have its quality and status protected

SPAIN’S famous jamon iberico will have its quality and status […]
13 January, 2014

Madrid: Food Capital of Spain 2014?

A culinary revolution is gripping Madrid, a city once known […]
31 December, 2013

Heard it on the grape vine

SPAIN has a new red wine to look out for […]
31 December, 2013

Barrel loads of praise

TIO Pepe’s workers are celebrating, after the famous bodega’s Four Palms wine […]
31 December, 2013

Free-range foie gras

A SPANISH producer is touting an ethical goose foie gras, […]
23 November, 2013

Best places to dine in Andalucia

RONDA is, without a doubt, my favourite place to eat […]
23 November, 2013

Roca brother launches online ice cream making course

PASTRY chef Jordi Roca is revealing some of his creative […]
9 September, 2013

Bringing tapas to the Brits

DISGUSTED at the Spanish cuisine on offer in the UK, […]
8 July, 2013

Top chef Sergi Arola threatens to quit Spain

ONE of Spain’s top chefs is threatening to quit the […]
24 June, 2013

Cordoba winery wins gold for its ‘green’ wine

BODEGAS Robles, a highly esteemed organic winery from Cordoba, won […]
28 May, 2013

The Super Seven

IT didn’t take long for Spain to get back to […]
11 May, 2013

Paul Young cooks up a storm on the Costa del Sol

POP legend Paul Young is one chef that doesn’t follow […]
2 May, 2013

Spain dominates world’s best restaurants list

SPAIN is once again leading the world in the food […]
19 April, 2013

Save us from the chop!

ONE of Spain’s leading cookery schools has hopefully been saved […]
29 March, 2013

Javier Bardem forced to close family restaurant

IT seems the recession has even hit Hollywood royalty as […]
23 March, 2013

Spain goes à la cart

WHILE the rest of Europe panics about traces in their […]
23 March, 2013

Bitter sweet in the Big Apple

ANDALUCIA’S top chef Dani Garcia has revealed how much he […]
2 March, 2013

Going local in Andalucia

THERE are a variety of reasons people up-sticks and leave […]
29 December, 2012

Japanese restaurant in Ronda in Spain’s version of Kitchen Nightmares

A JAPANESE restaurant in Ronda has featured in the first […]
28 December, 2012

Top Spanish restaurant in foie gras fall out

A SPANISH restaurant voted among the world’s best has been […]
21 December, 2012

Spanish restaurant El Bulli holds wine cellar auction

THE wine collection of Spain’s most famous restaurant is to […]
21 December, 2012

Festive herbs and spices

HERBS and spices have been associated with the Christmas holidays […]
15 December, 2012

Spanish chef Elena Arzak announces new venture in London

A THREE-MICHELIN starred Spanish cook is to open a new […]
15 December, 2012

Spain tops olive oil list

SPAIN has kept its crown as the world’s leading exporter […]
2 December, 2012

Malaga chef Jose Carlos Garcia gets his Michelin star back

A MALAGA chef has rejoined Spain’s culinary elite after regaining […]
23 November, 2012

Axarquia: True vintage

THE Axarquia was producing top quality wines way before Rioja […]
21 November, 2012

‘Mediterranean’ diet should include avocados, says expert

AVOCADOS should be classed as being part of the ‘Mediterranean’ […]
6 November, 2012

Praise from the top for Spanish cuisine

THE head chef at the best restaurant in the world […]
6 November, 2012

A wine time in Ronda!

THERE are nearly 30 different vineyards dotted around the Serrania […]
13 October, 2012

Ronda winemaker Schatz to keep bottles underwater

A TRAILBLAZING wine maker is undertaking a crackpot plan to […]
12 October, 2012

London gets a taste of Spain

FOODIES looking to get a taste of the best Spanish […]
9 October, 2012

Marbella restaurant targeted by rival on TripAdvisor

EXCLUSIVE by Gemma Wilson A SCATHING review of a Marbella […]
25 September, 2012

San Sebastian: The cutting edge of gastronomy

San Sebastian has been voted the gastronomic destination in the world. Here James Bryce looks at what makes the Basque city so appealing for foodies
25 September, 2012

Grape expectations for Spain’s wine regions

Reduced grape harvests mean Spanish vineyards are concentrating on quality rather than quantity
3 September, 2012

Andalucia’s open-air cuisine

WE are truly spoilt living in Andalucia, where we can […]
12 August, 2012

Foodie heaven: Spain voted into world’s top five food destinations

SPAIN has been voted into the world’s top five ‘foodie’ […]
2 August, 2012

Exhibition to showcase ‘new Spanish cuisine’ in Australia

AN exhibition showcasing the tools that chef Ferran Adria and […]
25 July, 2012

Eating out in the dining capital of Vejer de la Frontera

Dining Secrets of Andalucia editor Jon Clarke traces the reasons why Vejer de la Frontera has become a true frontier for cooking
25 July, 2012

New book maps the rise of Vejer’s number one restaurant

WHEN they set up their restaurant Patria high in the […]
20 June, 2012

Spanish chef Dani Garcia flying high

TOP Marbella chef Dani Garcia is to design the menus […]
19 June, 2012

Ferran Adria set to launch a gastronomic encyclopedia

WORLD renowned chef Ferran Adria is set to launch a […]
26 May, 2012

Cheap Aldi wine from Spain wins international award

PROVING you should never judge a bottle by its cover, […]
31 December, 2013

Free-range foie gras

A SPANISH producer is touting an ethical goose foie gras, […]
28 December, 2012

Top Spanish restaurant in foie gras fall out

A SPANISH restaurant voted among the world’s best has been […]