26 February, 2017

Purple Patch

Having cooked for princes to rock stars, it is no surprise that Purple Pepper’s bespoke catering service is all about attention to detail.
24 February, 2017

British supermarkets to reduce Spanish imports following vegetable crisis

BRITISH supermarkets are set to shift focus to UK suppliers following Spain’s vegetable shortage.
22 February, 2017

Olive oil prices in Spain soar to record levels amid fears of global shortage

EUROPE is still reeling from the recent vegetable crisis. But experts have warned that things are about to get worse.
18 February, 2017

La Sala announces expansion plans under new CEO

LA Sala has announced ambitious expansion plans under its new CEO Federico Gonzalez.
17 February, 2017

Can you tell the difference between a satsuma and a clementine?

DO you know your tangelos from your tangerines? Could you recognise a ponkon? Aren’t they all just oranges anyway? Not quite.
15 February, 2017

Spain’s growers lash out at ‘totally false’ British coverage of vegetable crisis

VEGETABLE producers in Spain have criticised the British press over its […]


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