23 March, 2017

Malaga nutritional expert blames ‘deadly’ white bread and American influences for Spain’s obesity problem

Miguel Angel Martinez-Gonzalez, who is an honorary scholar at Harvard University, said young people have mixed the healthy Mediterranean diet with typically American foods.
17 March, 2017

New gourmet market in Marbella to open tomorrow following €500,000 investment

The new gourmet market hopes to energise one of the main areas of Marbella centre.
13 March, 2017

Huelva Food guide: Find out why the city is Spain’s 2017 Capital of Gastronomy

The Olive Press explores the city’s top dishes to discover a tantalising clash of ocean-to-table cuisine, complemented with produce harvested from the surrounding sierras.
9 March, 2017

Spain’s most expensive wine Vitral to hit shops in September

Drinks manufacturer Navarra’s new tipple, Vitral, will set you back €2,000. Only 688 bottles are being made using grapes from the 2013 vintage.
5 March, 2017

Marbella chef Bettina Campolucci-Bordi launches DIY seven day vegan challenge

A vegan chef has challenged food lovers to take on a free healthy eating detox.
26 February, 2017

Purple Patch

Having cooked for princes to rock stars, it is no surprise that Purple Pepper’s bespoke catering service is all about attention to detail.


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