18 October, 2017

SIPS GOING DOWN: Worst grape harvest in Spain for DECADES could see wine shortages and price increases

Farmers in the three countries, which together produce over half the world’s wines, have been hit by extreme weather
17 October, 2017

SOBER OCTOBER FOR CATALUNYA: Cervezas San Miguel moves its headquarters to Malaga

CERVEZAS San Miguel has shocked Catalunya by announcing they have […]
15 October, 2017

Addams family spring to mind in Halloween themed meals at award-winning restaurant

As Halloween approaches, a particular family comes to Steven Saunders’ mind as they dig into a hearty meal at The Little Geranium, Marbella.
15 October, 2017

Andalucian city cheapest in Spain for supermarket shopping, THOUSANDS of euros cheaper than Madrid

GRANADA is the cheapest city in Spain for grocery shopping. […]
13 October, 2017

Ode to autumn: 10 reasons to love the season of mists, mellow fruitfulness and effortless parking

With the summer season over, some may be upset others may rejoice. Here are the reasons why Spain is the gift that keeps on giving.
12 October, 2017

CHILLI MANIA for European business partners putting heat back into cooking

Scorched Earth Chill Farm has one of the most eclectic collections of chillis along the Costa del Sol specialising in rare peppers from all around the world.


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