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6 January, 2018

Live like a king – Review of Azahar restaurant

In Boca review of the Azahar in Ronda
25 September, 2017

Marvellous Marcial serves up Michelin starred delights

Dining Secrets of Andalucia editor Jon Clarke is delighted to find Asturias’ leading restaurant still has oodles of rustic charm, despite a 20-year gap and two Michelin stars
14 July, 2017

Enriching the sole!

Dining Secrets of Andalucia editor Jon Clarke reviews the stunning new Tarifa restaurant Osteria del Sole
25 June, 2017

Grand cru Andaluz as leading Marbella restaurant Casanis opens a new joint

The hippest restaurant group in Marbella has grown again with La Tapa, writes Jon Clarke
13 May, 2017

WARNING: Malaga hit by Andalucia-wide food poisoning outbreak due to contaminated tuna

Consumers have been affected by food poisoning in Malaga, Cordoba, Granada, Jaen and Sevilla
8 December, 2016

El Campero, Barbate

Turning down a life in the air force, Jose Melero has set up one of Andalucia’s most famous fish restaurants, writes Dining Secrets of Andalucia publisher Jon Clarke
1 November, 2016
Hotel Finca Cortesin, Casares

Hotel Finca Cortesin, Casares

Attention to detail is normally a good measure of the quality of any venue. And when the measure in question is the perfect gin and tonic – fastidiously crafted by white-suited mixologist you know you are in for a treat
31 October, 2016
Molino del Puente

La Cascada, Molino del Puente, Ronda

Ian and Elaine Love have been charming diners at La Cascada for a decade now
4 October, 2016
Alberts Restaurant Marbella

Alberts, Marbella

You sit by the waterfront in one of the genuine secret spots on the Costa del Sol.
14 September, 2016

Cibo, Marbella

Good service, attention to detail and great value lobster is helping to get Cibo noticed, writes Dining Secrets of Andalucia editor Jon Clarke.
13 February, 2014

El Lago, Marbella

El Lago has upped its game (and kept prices down!) […]
21 January, 2014

La Terraza del Casino, Madrid

ELEGANCE is one of the key requirements of my wife […]
21 December, 2012

El Jardin, Finca Cortesin, Casares

IT feels like a direct reaction to the zany, off-the-wall […]
18 August, 2012

Fairuz, Torreblanca del Sol

IT is a serious mission finding it, but once there, […]
25 July, 2012

Polo House, Marbella

I SPENT half of my meal trying to work out […]
7 July, 2012

Restaurante Calima, Marbella

FOR two Michelin stars in Andalucia you certainly expect something […]
5 May, 2012

Café Bar Polear, Alcalá del Valle

HIDDEN in what seems like the back of beyond Polear […]
5 April, 2012

The Landings, Gibraltar

OH what a glorious location for lunch! Down on ‘undiscovered’ […]
10 March, 2012

Abantal, Sevilla

WELL established, but well out of the way of the […]
3 December, 2011

La Finca Thai Fusion, San Roque

YOU may have seen the unusual caravan signposts either side […]
8 November, 2011

La Estacion, San Pablo de Buciete

BEFORE I’d even had a chance to find a table, […]
7 November, 2011

Casanis, Marbella

FOR the last eight years Casanis has never stopped re-inventing […]
3 September, 2011

Al Lago, Zahara de la Sierra

FEW restaurant terraces offer a view like this. Perched above […]
24 June, 2011

Casamono, Marbella

IN just one year Casamono has become a part of […]
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