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12 February, 2017
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Buzzfeed made a ‘how to make Spanish tortilla’ video and Spaniards are furious

Buzzfeed video

Buzzfeed video

DESPITE witnessing the fury after Jamie Oliver famously put chorizo in his paella, Buzzfeed decided to go rogue on another Spanish classic.

A video showing ‘how to make Spanish tortilla’ was posted on Twitter by @BuzzfeedTastyy.

But Spaniards were sent into a spiral to see that it included red peppers, onions, garlic and the mother of all no-no’s… chorizo.tortilla-gaffe

The clip soon went viral as Spaniards were just not having it, mocking the recipe with memes.


Buzzfeed España had to point out that the tweet or post had nothing to do with them, and that they only eat traditional tortilla.tortilla-gaffe-5

It seems budding chefs should think long and hard before even thinking about putting a twist on a Spanish classic.


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