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Purple Patch

Purple Pepper

FROM Prince Charles to Roger Moore and from Roger Taylor to Anita Roddick, Peter Cannon has catered for the lot.

But, when it comes to funny stories make sure to ask the former Michelin-starred chef what it was like cooking for the Duke of Edinburgh. A crashingly comical tale, it is one of many colourful episodes in the life of the boss of company Purple Pepper, who has catered at hundreds of weddings in Spain.

The former chef of UK restaurants Manley’s, Goodwood Park and Oakley Court, Cannon moved from Sussex to Spain with his wife Sally and their four children 17 years ago. Looking for a ‘change of lifestyle’, he initially ran the restaurant at Estepona Golf before setting up his catering company six years ago.

“I wanted a change. The environment here is superb and if you know where to get the right produce, you can create something magnificent,” he explains. These days his company caters for everything, from small canapé receptions – which are currently in high demand – to summer barbecues, including their famous hog roast. And then, of course, there are the weddings which have varied from a small six-person affair to a grand 180-person event in three different locations along the coast including leading hotel Villa Padierna Spa.

It is a bespoke, mobile service where attention to detail and the client’s needs is key. “If people had a glimpse of the care and attention that we put into every single dish they would understand why we’re so special,” Peter tells the Olive Press.

Their most popular dishes range from whole roasted fillet of beef on the barbecue to their unique take on chicken Wellington served with Madeira and thyme jus. Not forgetting the ever popular hog roast served with crackling, apricot and almond stuffing to their paella show cooking, with prices starting from as little as €25 per person.

The company offers a completely free initial tasting session ‘with no hidden agenda’ and so far not one of these sessions has failed to lead to a booking., or call 660 357 107

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