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Double-Michelin Spanish chef helps feed THOUSANDS of Puerto Ricans following Hurricane

jose andres

A SPANISH chef has managed to feed Puerto Ricans more warm meals than any NGO or government body since the island was devastated by Hurricane Maria.

Double-Michelin starred Jose Andres, 48, has distributed more than 2.2 million warm meals and sandwiches to disparate parts of the American territory in one month alone, using a network of kitchens, supply chains and delivery services.

It has so far cost around €400,000 and amassed dozens upon dozens of volunteers.

According to the New York Times, Andres from Mieres, Asturias, ‘admonished volunteers to add more mayonnaise to sandwiches, keep the temperature up on the pans of rice or serve bigger portions.’

He was shocked when other organisations he assumed had things under control were asking him for help.

“In my life I never expected the Salvation Army to be asking me for food,” he said.

“If one of the biggest NGOs comes to us for food, who is actually going to be feeding Puerto Rico? We are. We are it.”

The Spaniard previously formed the nonprofit World Central Kitchen after he went to Haiti following the devastating 2011 earthquake, and was in Houston in the aftermath Hurricane Harvey helping to organise volunteer efforts.

He has now left Puerto Rico, leaving  a working team in his place, saying that as groceries and stores are beginning to open he didn’t want to ‘take away their business’.

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