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The best and worst drinks to order on a first date to guarantee a second

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BRITS have revealed what drink they find most unattractive to order on a first date.

More than one in ten judge their date by what they drink, with shots and a pint of cider coming top of the disapproval list.

The survey of 1,000 people, conducted by British dating app Trueview, also shows that a third would end the date early if the other person got too drunk.

White wine was ranked the most attractive beverage to whet the whistle gaining 0% disapproval, while red and rose lagged behind with 8% and 7% of Brits admitting they would find the order off-putting.

Daters that don’t drink are also judged with 12% regarding a non-alcoholic choice with suspicion.

Interestingly, men proved more judgmental than women, with 72% stating they wouldn’t pursue the relationship any further if a woman drunk something they didn’t agree with, in comparison to only 30% of women.

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