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Six fruity Malaga gins you must try this summer

Malaga gins you must try this summer

GIN and tonic is without doubt one of the most popular ‘copas’ among British expats. 

But if you’re feeling bored of the classic Gordon’s or Bombay Sapphire, or you want to add a bit of flare to the classic G&T, there are dozens of fruity alternatives.

In the spirit of keeping things local, below are five Malaga-brewed gins that must tried at least once.



The ‘morá’ carrot from Genil has inspired one of the province’s most unique gins.

Since the end of 2016, ESALI has been distributing ‘the only gin with purple carrot in the world’.

There are two versions of this product, the Simbuya Classic Gin and the Simbuya Purple Gin, the latter of which is sweeter on the palate. Both can be found in cocktail bars across Malaga. A bottle is usually around €23.


Gin Ballix (Vélez-Málaga)

The orange-coloured Ballix mango gin is made from the Osteen mango, grown in Malaga.

The gin is described as having an ‘incredible flavour and aroma’ and as being ‘soft and pleasant on the palate, delicate with natural and tropical flavors and with a base note of jasmine and juniper.’

The mango is marinated in premium gin for twelve hours and it takes half a kilo of the fruit to produce one litre.

The gin has no chemical additives and aims to be available in most bars and clubs

A bottle costs around €16.


Gin 1895

Formed in Ronda’s El Tajo Distilleries, 1985 has hints of juniper, orange peel, lime and coriander.

It has also released several new flavours, including strawberry, cinnamon, blackberry or mint.

You can buy a bottle for around €20 in most Ronda stores.


Gin Malaka

The Malaka brand features two distinct gins.

One is a traditional ‘London Dry’ for those who like to keep things classic.

The other is a ‘premium’ that brings ‘a Mediterranean touch with a faint jasmine flavour.’

They are priced at €15 and €24 respectively.


Oxen Spiritus London Dry Gin (Ojén)

Created in Ojen, the Oxen is a London Dry featuring tones of coriander, cardamom, juniper, thyme, rosemary, bitter chamomile and mastranzo.

A citrus touch with dry lime and tangerine skin can also be detected.

The gin is more pricey at €25 and can be purchased online.


Alboran Gin (Almáchar)

In addition to a classic gin, the Alboran brand has introduced the ‘Orange’, the ‘Lemmon’  and the ‘Strawberry’.

Its latest flavours, revealed last year, are the ‘Watermelon’ and the ‘Melon’.

Prices range from €11 to €16 and can be purchased from most liquor stores.

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