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EXCLUSIVE: World’s first carnivore retreat is coming to Spain’s Andalucia


MEAT-UP: The carnivore retreat is the first of its kind

THE world’s first ever carnivore retreat is officially heading to Andalucia this year.

100% Carnivore… and Beyond will take visitors back to the bare bones of our ancestors’ diets, with talks from leading carnivore and paleo medicine experts and doctors in the setting of a plush monastery in the Campo de Gibraltar countryside.

The three-day event, in Finca Monasterio in San Martin del Tesorillo, offers the chance for guests to sink their teeth into workshops, private consultations and food tasting.

Organised by Dr Lynn Hardy and health consultant Phil Escott – both carnivores – the pair hope to encourage others to consider a lifestyle change which explores emotional balancing, cold thermogenesis and sun exposure.

Lifestyle consultant and personal trainer, Escott, 56, found carnivorism after he became seriously ill with psoriatic arthritis and autoimmune conditions, leaving him unable to move without severe pain.

Escott, a former vegan, insists it is a ‘total con that we need any fruit or veg’ and claims he was cured after radically changing his eating habits.

“It’s not whacky, it’s not an extreme diet, it’s taking us back to the basic food of our ancestors.

BEFORE AND AFTER: Phil Escott swears by the carnivore diet

“I got so many health issues as a vegetarian and vegan. When I dropped the last of the plant matter in my diet, that’s when things cleared up,” added the dad-of-three based in Skelmersdale, in Lancashire.

His book Arthritis, The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me became an Amazon Kindle bestseller and has since set up a Facebook group which has garnered almost 7,500 members.

Tickets for 100% Carnivore… and Beyond cost between €132 for a day pass and up to €1,370 for a private suite for the weekend and can be purchased on

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