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BBQ King: Ingenious pellet stove barbecues are a dream come true for cooking outdoors

FINDING the balance between providing the perfect BBQ, while also getting to spend quality times with your guests, is an age old dilemma.

So much is in the timing, preparation and location of your barbecue. And even then, it can so easily go wrong.

Until now, that is.

An ingenious new barbecue range is being run by wood pellets and allows the buyer to set the temperature from an easy-to-use app.

Launched by a US company Traeger – which has been a wood-fire barbecue specialist since the 1970s – they use the same pellet technology as modern environmentally-friendly eco systems.

The pellets are fed to the stove via a hopper at the side, which slowly feeds them in by a corkscrew method.

“You simply set it to the temperature you want and in 15 minutes it is ready to cook,” explains Richard Green, owner of Furniture World, in Estepona, that has acquired the Iberian rights to distribute the creme-de-la-creme of barbecues.

“You can bake, barbecue, grill, smoke, braise and roast. There are so many settings and the app even gives you recipes and tells you exact cooking times.

“It makes the job so easy you can spend time talking to your friends,” he adds.

Even better, a bag of pellets only costs €25 and it comes in many different flavours, including pecan, maple and cherry.

“Each gives its own distinct flavour to the meat and a bag will give you around 20 hours of cooking so it’s more economical than gas,” adds Green.

He explains how he slow cooked a brisket overnight for 10 hours recently and it came out ‘tender and delicious’.

“This is all thanks to a temperature probe that is poked into the meat and ensures it stays at the right temperature,” he continues.

So convinced is he of their quality he is offering anyone interested in checking them out a free bbq from 10.30am to 1.30am every saturday for the next few weeks.

The barbecues cost from just over €1000 to €3,499 for the Timberline 1300 model, which can cook up to 10 chickens at a time.

They come with free shipping around Spain and Portugal and also carry a three-year warranty.

Visit for more information.

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