mediterranean diet
Mediterranean diet prevents brain shrinking and cognitive decline, new study suggests
5 January, 2017
Olive Oil
Spain’s dominance in olive oil market surges as Italy lags
15 January, 2017

90% of Spanish children and teens eating more saturated fat than recommended

children spain saturated fat

NINETY per cent of Spanish children and teens are eating more saturated fat than recommended.

The shock findings were made by the Estudio Enalia, which concluded that the high levels were provoked by overconsumption of animal and processed products.

A total of 1,862 children aged from six months to 18 years took part in the study, which which also revealed that virtually 100% of youngsters are lacking in vitamin D.

This is despite the fact that they live in a country blessed with many hours of sunshine, a factor that can help the body naturally produce the nutrient.

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