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10 January, 2017
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16 January, 2017

Spain’s dominance in olive oil market surges as Italy lags

Olive Oil

BULK sales of olive oil from Spain to the US have skyrocketed, new figures show.Olive Oil

In 2007, 16% of 113,000 tons of olive oil – mostly from Spain – arrived in bulk containers, but last year that figure had increased to more than 42% of 331,368 tons.

The figures, released by the International Olive Council (IOC), reflect the rising popularity of olive oil.

Spain accounted for 62% of bulk imports last year, while Italy’s share of the burgeoning large container market was just 4%.

Spain’s dominance in the smaller container market has also surged at the expense of Italy’s.

In 2007, Spain supplied just 9% of the small container market, but it has now grown to account for 25%.

Meanwhile, Italy, which once accounted for two-thirds of olive oil imported in bottles and tins, now only accounts for a third.

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