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18 April, 2017
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20 April, 2017

More Spaniards ditching fruit and vegetable after prices begin to rocket


RISING prices for fruit and vegetables have seen vast numbers of Spaniards ditching them altogether.

Stores estimate that fruit and vegetable consumption has plummeted 40% since a cold snap at the start of the year drove up costs.

President of the National Federation of Fruit and Vegetable Retailers, Tino Mora, confirmed that ‘there is no shortage of vegetables’.

But he admitted prices have increased because ‘the lower supply has led fruit stores to adjust their margins’.
He added: “These days are turning out to be a real punishment for vegetable retailers.

“Difficulties in finding products in wholesale markets add to the struggle to sell them to the consumer at high prices.”

Prices and consumption rates are expected to level up in April.

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