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CHILLI MANIA for European business partners putting heat back into cooking


DAN Kelly and his Swedish partner Åsa have just completed their first five-year plan after setting up one of the only high-quality chilli farms in Andalucia.  

Scorched Earth Chilli Farm located on Camino Nicola off the A7 past the Rio del Velerin has gone from strength to strength in recent years as chilli enthusiasts are flocking to the farm.

Dan said: “We started off small and were just getting bigger and bigger, busier and busier.

“We’re very open-minded, everyone really loves it. People walk in and go ‘wow chilli heaven’ they go mental for it.”

POTS: Thousands of chillies are planted
every year

Both he and his partner plant up to 5,000 plants a year after finding out food establishments along the Costa del Sol were using cheap alternatives to chillies.

This spawned a business with over a 180 different varieties of chilli from a mild pepper to some of the hottest chillies on the planet including the Naga King, Carolina Reaper, and Bhut Jolokia.

The farm also specialises in chilli infused salts and oils as well as 35 different sauces.

Dan added: “We actually had two school kids come round and try our chilli-chocolate-cake. They’ve gone back to school and told their friends who then brought their parents along.”

Dan has grand plans for the farm aiming to set up an indoor warehouse so they can harvest chillies all year and have a suitable brand to maximise profits.

CONDIMENTS: Selection of the varieties of
sauce and salt available

On November 4 the farm will be hosting an all-you-can-eat BBQ with music for those seeking to wet their taste buds and are open on Saturday and Sunday from 10-2pm.

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