exporter of red wine
Spain is world´s largest exporter of red wine
16 April, 2018
olive oil
An Andalucian olive oil company has scooped gold for the fifth time in a prestigious annual competition.
18 April, 2018

Where to get the best tapas in Malaga

best tapas in Malaga

Those familiar with this popular area of Spain know that Malaga and tapas-hopping are synonymous with one another. Locals love to go from restaurant to restaurant, enjoying the many exquisite tapas dishes available in the city, or even combining a selection of offerings for one complete meal. Therefore, for a truly authentic Malaga experience during your next holiday, visiting a tapas bar or two is essential. Considering this, and to help you prepare for your visit, we have found this guide, letting you know where to get the best tapas in Malaga. Read More…

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