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HAMMING IT UP: Andalucia’s award-winning jamon stars at Oscars after-party

HEAD CHEF: Wolfgang Puck will be serving the celebs at the Governor’s Ball after this weekend’s Oscars

HUELVA ham has flown to Hollywood to make its debut at the exclusive post-Oscars Governor’s Ball this weekend.

The Sierra de Huelva ham made by Cinco Jotas is to take centre stage at the glittering Academy Awards bash after Austrian celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck spotted its talents.

“Nobody makes ham like Spain and Cinco Jotas is special,” he said.

“It’s absolutely perfect, the guests will feel like they’re in the best restaurant in Spain, it’s a gift, it’s the first time we have it but it will not be the last,” he added.

HAMMY: Cinco Jotas jamon is special, according to chef to the stars Wolfgang Puck

Puck, who has been in charge of the star-studded event’s menu for 20 years, is a huge fan of Iberian hams.

In 2011 the Academy spent $54,000 on 90 hams from another Spanish brand.

This year there were five legs of ham, costing at least €86 a kilo, for the 1,500 guests and an additional five held in reserve for those not on a diet.

MAKING A SPLASH: Pedro Ximenez from Jerez is also on the menu for Oscars stars

“We have brought Iberian ham before, but nothing like Cinco Jotas, it is the best we have ever had,” enthused Puck.

Cinco Jotas ham is 100% the meat of Iberian pigs which have grazed in pastures on an acorn diet for two years.

It is to be presented to the Oscar crowd in tapas-sized dishes with a cornucopia of garnishes including caramelised cauliflower, golden raisins, pine nuts, beetroot, almond custard, Asian pears, grapefruit salad, persimmon with walnuts, burrata and arugula lettuce.

And of course, Hollywood’s glitterati are to wash it down with another award-winning Andalucia product – 7.5 litres of Pedro Ximenez from Jerez.

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