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WINNER: Fernando Alcala of Kava in Marbella, who has made ‘Spain’s best cheesecake’

A CHEESECAKE made by a Marbella chef has been crowned ‘the best in Spain’.

Malaga-born cook Fernando Alcala, owner of the city’s Kava restaurant, claimed the title in the National Championship of Cheese Cakes.

His tarta de queso was recognised for its crisp, toasted outside, creamy centre, and excellent flavour.

“The secret of our cheesecake is in the delicious contrast between the toasted exterior and the creamy interior,” Alcala said.

TOASTED: Alcala serves his cheesecake browned on the outside, with an ‘undercooked’ centre

The Malagueño described his cake as a ‘classic of our dessert menu’, after receiving the accolade at the inaugural edition of the competition held in Gran Canaria.

Despite the toasted outside of the dessert, Alcala serves his cheesecake ‘undercooked’, giving it a soft centre.

In the two-day contest, the judging panel sampled the dessert without any accompanying sauce or side serving, in order to judge solely on the cake itself.

Pastry chef Paco Torreblanca, who lead the panel, admitted the competition was fierce and said there were at least two other cheesecakes that could have scooped the top spot.

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