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26 September, 2019
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Spain’s national delicacy Jamon Iberico can prevent digestive diseases say scientists

THERE’S more to the Spanish delicacy Jamon Iberico de Bellota than great flavour, texture and quality. It can also prevent digestive problems, scientists have discovered. 

Munching on the meat made from acorn-fed pigs reduces the symptoms of intestinal conditions such as Ulcerative colitis. 

SUPERFOOD: Joselito ham comes from carefully reared acorn-fed pigs

Scientists found that a particular variety of ham made by the Joselito family for six generations had ‘superfood’ powers. 

Dr. Felipe Lombo, who led the study, said: “[This] is the only one that does not contain heavy metals, dyes, or preservatives.

“[It is] 100% natural and of the highest quality.”

Jose Gomez Sanchez, a member of the Joselito family, said: “We have 151 years of history: we develop a product of the highest quality, completely natural.” 

Some 180,000 people in Spain suffer from inflammatory bowel disease, according to 2016 figures.

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