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Beer is challenging wine’s popularity in Spain

Beer at the beach

Beer-at-the-beachNEW research has shown that the hops-based drink is outperforming the old vino favourite, as more and more consumers are bypassing the wine shelf and sticking a crate of lager in their trolley instead.

Consumption rates of beer among Spaniards has increased by 2.41% since 2011, while consumption in wine has decreased by 2.75%.

Analysts also offered a further breakdown of the numbers and found that the biggest growth in the beer market can be seen in the low, light and no alcohol segment – a trend that aligns with increasing health preoccupations.

“The increasing popularity of light/no/low alcohol beer is a sign of changing attitudes toward beer and consumers becoming more health-conscious and more responsible with alcohol intake,” said Mintel’s global drinks analyst Jonny Forsyth.

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