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‘Chocolate-coloured’ tomatoes coming to Spain
3 April, 2017
The Trip to Italy
Comedy kings Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon’s The Trip to Spain airs tonight
6 April, 2017

Spanish scientists say Mediterranean diet improves sperm quality


SPERM quality can be improved by sticking to a typical Mediterranean diet.

Spanish scientists have discovered that fish, seafood, poultry, cereals, vegetables and fruits, low-fat dairy and skimmed milk are associated with high sperm quality.

Diets rich in processed meat, soy foods, potatoes, full-fat dairy and total dairy products, cheese, coffee, alcohol, sugar-sweetened beverages and sweets were associated with lower-quality sperm.

The research, carried out by the Universitat Rovira I Virgili and the Pere i Virgili Health Research Institute, shows that diet can affect the quality of a man’s sperm.

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