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15 October, 2017
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17 October, 2017

Addams family spring to mind in Halloween themed meals at award-winning restaurant


WE have some regular clients that are the spitting image of the Addams family!

The man is large and bald, much like Fester, while the lady is very glamourous with her long dark straight hair just like Mortici.

And then there is a little girl who wears ponytails and eye makeup in the spitting image of Wednesday. They sometimes bring a friend who is very dapper and wears a bow tie, much like Gomez, and we call them the Addams family.

So imagine our surprise when they booked a table for Halloween a couple of years ago! I
nearly said ‘well at least you won’t need to hire costumes!’

They arrived looking pretty much the same as usual but with heavier black make up.

On the menu I had a baby leg of milk fed lamb, carved at the table off the bone. Fester took one glance and said: “I’ll have the lamb.”

The waitress said the lamb is cooked pink and is milk fed, he replied: “I could eat the
whole beast!”

The staff were in giggles. The head waiter displayed the cooked Lamb leg on the carving board and went to get his knife to carve it. When he returned the lamb was gone and Fester had it in his mouth bone and all!

“Bring me another!” he demanded.

LAMB: In a heart shape as a meaty treat

Every year we celebrate Halloween with a special menu and this year we have two menus one for each restaurant; The Little Geranium in La Cala & Marbella.

Dishes like Eat your heart out (heart shaped beef fillet) crispy bats (goats cheese
in pastry) and Rice baked in witches’ blood (sea bass with negro risotto).

It’s a great fun night with some fantastic creative food and yes, I’m doing the milk
fed Lamb again for Fester!

Our Halloween Night will take place on Saturday 26th October at both our

To see our dedicated menu, visit or for our Marbella details.

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