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Andalucian city cheapest in Spain for supermarket shopping, THOUSANDS of euros cheaper than Madrid

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GRANADA is the cheapest city in Spain for grocery shopping.

A new consumer report has revealed the yearly grocery costs in the inland hotspot are on average €4,051.

It’s a massive difference from Madrid, the most expensive in the country, where groceries will set you back on average €7,329 per year.

The Organisation for Consumers and Users analysed more than 164,000 prices at 1,137 establishments for 233 different products.

The study included 52 fresh foods (meat, fish, fruit and vegetables); 98 packaged foods and drug and hygiene products by leading brands.
Meanwhile, the report also showed that the average savings a consumer can get from switching from an expensive supermarket to a cheaper one is a huge €909.

This figure is 2.5% lower than last year, however, reflecting a reduction in the gap between grocery store prices.
The cheapest national chains are Alcampo, Mercadona, Carrefour and Simply Market, in that order.

The OCU said: “Mercadona is the cheapest option in half of the cities that were studied, but if there is an Alcampo in the city, Alcampo is usually the most economical choice.”

Lidl has increased its prices the most, by 4.3%.

Maxi Dia increased them by 1.8% and Alimerka by 1.6%.

The chains that have gotten less expensive are BM Urban at 3.2%, Lupa at 2.9%, and Más y Más at 2.3%.

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