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24 June, 2017
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26 June, 2017

Grand cru Andaluz as leading Marbella restaurant Casanis opens a new joint


SERENADED by travelling troubadours the diners in the square outside La Tapa couldn’t be happier.

A more Andalucian scene you could not conjure up, with the trio of palm trees soaring over the plaza with its twinkling fountain and chapel at one end.

This is the latest addition to the Casanis stable, a group of four restaurants, that shouts out style and quality.

Set up and run by Belgium owner Guy Sirre, 50, it has the inimitable style of the other three eateries in the group, Casanis, Casanis Plage and Cafe Flore.

Stylish colours and settings are complemented by a simple, but inspiring menu that takes in an original range of dishes from sweetbreads to lamb chops.

The gyozas served in a lettuce leaf with fresh mint were a real winner, while Guy’s very own cheese croquette recipe, which he mastered at the age of 10 back home, come with fried parsley and melt in the mouth.

“It keeps going onwards and upwards,” explains Sirre, 50, who arrived in Marbella nearly two decades ago, via a career straddling Michelin-starred restaurants in France, London and San Francisco, not to mention a stint with the Sultan of Brunei.

The entrepreneur has worked hard to create the perfect vibe at each restaurant and is constantly refining his cuisine, looking for new recipes and getting his hands dirty in the kitchen.

His flagship restaurant Casanis is, without a doubt, one of Marbella’s flagship restaurants, where diners include leading politicians and celebrities such as Hugh Grant.

Set around a typical Andalucian townhouse – in an evocative patio or on the wonderful terrace outside – there is a very distinct ambience at work.

Its head chef ‘Fabi’ Cangas has been at the helm since day one and runs a tight ship, also looking after the team at the fast improving Cafe Flore nearby.

Another charming spot, you really must try the highly original Spaghetti Carbonara, which is conjured up for you by genius Federico, using grappa flambeed in a half parmesan before being served with parsley and ‘guanciale’, pig’s’ cheeks imported from Italy.

Finally, La Plage Casanis, in Elviria, has just been rebuilt after winter storms left it in tatters.

It is very epitome of cool and has a menu that even rivals the mothership. Plus you are sitting right on the beach.

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